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The Only All natural edible mint!


Are These Mints Natural?

These mints are handmade and 100% Natural. Our ingredients are sourced from the best raw ingredients manufacturers you can find

How Much Caffeine Is In Each Energy Mint?

Each mint contains around 20mg of caffeine. Typically 5 mints equals one cup of coffee

How Much Garcinia Cambogia Is In Each Fat Burner Mint?

Each mint contains around 115mg of Garcinia Cambogia plus 30mg of Green Coffee Extract and 8mg of Saffron. Each of these ingredients were reviewed individually by Dr. Oz and has no known side effects

How Many Mints Are In Your Tins?

Each of our Mini Tins contain 20 mints 

Currently we only offer Peppermint and Mocha. But we will soon have other flavor available for our customers

What Other Products Do You Offer?

For now we only have Energizing Mints, Fat Burning Mints, and Bed Time Mints. We are developing other products by function and flavors soon. We will announce them when they become available

Where Is Your Product Made?

We manufacture our own mints. We do not outsource. They are made here in the USA and specifically in Davie, Florida

What is Magnesium Stearate and why do others use it?


Monster Energy vs. Brake Cleaner, which is stronger? 


Is this something you willing to continue to drink for energy? or have our all natural mints that cant clean steel